GYUTO 240Chef's Knife


1110VG10 Core 3-ply Steel Blade Stainless Steel Handle

The blade consists of three layers of stainless steel, with a VG10 core blade steel sandwiched between highly rigid and rust resistant stainless steels. The blade is structurally derived from traditional production methods used for Japanese swords, characterized by its outstanding springlike toughness that ensures no breaking or bending. This triple layered structure also contributes to the blade’s resistance to corrosion.


Clad metal for the highest quality

The material used for the blade is clad metal manufactured using world-leading techniques by local companies in Echizen, which has extensive experience in this field. Clad metal is produced by forging different layers of metal together, taking advantage of the strength of each piece as an integrated unit while ensuring any weaknesses are balanced out by each layer. The steel is composed of a perfect blend that produces a long-lasting, greatly long-sharpness, hard to bend or break, and rust resistant.

VG10, Finest stainless cutting steel

VG10 stainless cutting steel is made from strictly selected pure iron that is worked using an optimal blend to produce an extremely sharp high-quality cutting steel manufactured using the finest steel processing technology . Its high corrosion resistance means that it is rust resistant and its superior abrasion resistance ensures that it retains its sharp edge.

Steel Handle

Stainless handle

Stainless handle series is designed by Mr. Chiaki MURATA at the former Japan Brand project. For sturdy handle parts and blast finished. It has a spoon cut configuration parts for the joint between blade and handle with weight and shape. Total design keeps the best balance for fit and comfort of use.