iiZA Echizen

The city of Echizen is located in the center of Fukui Prefecture on Japan’s northern coast and was incorporated in its present form following the merger of the former city of Takefu and the township of Imadate in 2005. The city is surrounded by a string of mountains ranging from 400 to 700 meters in height and by number of clear blue rivers, such as the Hino River, which combine to provide a rich and verdant natural surrounding amid a beautiful rural setting. Favorable environment creates several traditional cultures in Echizen.



We launch as our first project is “HÔTCHO”, which means Japanese kitchen knife. “Forging knife production”is one of the famous industries in Echizen.Echizen forging knife makers had success with the integrated production system in local.

“iiza” takes over former Echizen Japan Brand project in 2009 ~2010, and intends to offer not only knives by local craftsmen and material company, but also aims to revitalize these local traditional crafts, and industries and cultivate new markets.


Leading manufacturers of steel in Echizen use “Clad metal” for blade production, which is known throughout the world for its outstanding properties.

Its strength, excellent rust prevention, high grade stainless steel, and the ability to achieve extreme sharpness and cutting qualities, make these instruments a pleasure to use in any kitchen.